How we've grown. How we're growing.

Our brand, Riley Hotels and Resorts, originated from the notion that there exists a carefree and comfortable way of living.  Where all of your desires are accompanied by exceptional service and exceeded expectations.

It was born from the expression created in the 1800’s where one who was “Living the Life of Riley” experienced an ideal life of prosperity and contentment.   
Unencumbered by corporate restrictions, Riley Hotel Group attracts those looking for one-of-a-kind experiences. We ensure, that every moment a guest is under our attentive care, they experience nothing less than excellence. Where you come as guests, and leave as friends.
We integrate the designed environments, amenities, technology, and quality of large, urban boutique hotels with an intimate, personal service and community connection of a bed and breakfast.
Guests no longer have to sacrifice exceptional service for a design led experience or vice versa. With Riley Hotel Group, they get both on a scale that feels intimate, connected, and fashioned just for them.
Discover the life…discover Riley