Financial & Fiscal Responsibility

Building a solid foundation for your hotel doesn’t end with the physical structure and design. With Riley Hotel Group your financial structure, accountability, and growth potential are on solid ground as well.

We bring you national purchasing power through our strong vendor relationships. We negotiate pricing on your behalf, follow stringent auditing techniques, engage in transparent communication, and timely financial reporting.  What does this mean for you? It means you stay ahead of the competition, not only for your special brand of hospitality, but for your financial strength as well. When you’re ready to open your doors to even more exceptional guest experiences, you can expand your operation with confidence knowing you have gathered the financials to forecast, thus making your dream a reality.

Count on Riley Hotel Group for Fiscal Responsibility

  • We use our national purchasing power to negotiate on your behalf for items such as laundry, linen, and food. So you get the same competitive prices usually reserved for larger hotel groups.
  • An internal corporate audit team implements a check and balance system to review everything from revenue recording to payables which removes the potential for any errors.
  • Financial transparency is our commitment to you via daily, weekly, and monthly revenue reports, as well as monthly discussions to highlight areas of financial performance and expense to revenue management.
  • Stringent inventory control is followed across the board.
  • Our technology systems incorporate communication between revenue centers and the property management system, offering thorough financial reporting.

The Stats

Our hotel's occupancy and revenue growth rate ranges:

  • Occupancy rates range 2014 – 2015: 16% to 49%
  • Revenue growth rate range 2014-2015: 22% to 73%