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Your brand is everything. Riley Hotel Group understands that from signage to service and everything in between, the impression you make must be perfect. Let us handle your:

  • Design and  Development
  • Creative Endeavors
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Revenue Management
  • Food and Beverage
  • Human Resources

Our intimate lifestyle hotels are in unique U.S. neighborhoods. Travelers experience:

  • Thoughtfully Designed Environments
  • Unique Amenities
  • Technology and Quality of Large Urban Hotels
  • Personal Service
  • Local Character
  • Community Connections


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A Distinct Kind of Hotel Management Group

A sense of pride shines through in everything we do. That’s why so many branded and independent hotels count on Riley Hotel Group for the management, design, and development of their properties. Our talented team is confident in what they do, which delivers results to our clients. We keep the dialogue open with fresh ideas, fiscal guidance, and emotional support as we work to bring your vision to life, foster its growth, and sustain its longevity. Our approach provides higher than average internal rates of return and cash flows, repeat business, and a stellar reputation for quality guest experiences. Read more about us to learn what Riley can do for you.